My S*xy Eyes Often Attract Lesbians – Actress, Bella Ebinum Opens Up

In this rare interview, the graduate of Economics from University of Port Harcourt opens up on the challenges of stardom, among other issues.


Star actress, Bella Ebinum has said that as long as there is love, she wouldn’t mind marrying a man old enough to be her father.

Weird? Okay, wait for this. The Delta State-born thespian cum entrepreneur insists she would forgive her husband if she catches him cheating on her.

In this rare interview, the graduate of Economics from University of Port Harcourt opens up on the challenges of stardom, among other issues. Here are excerpts:

You’ve been off the screen for some time now, what could be responsible for the long absence?

I never knew I was off; maybe I was having other plans. I think it was when I was planning to put together my Foundation and I had to channel my energy on that.

How did you get into the movie industry?

My childhood friend, who is a producer, introduced me to the industry. Then I was in Uniport; I told her that I have been trying to get into the movie industry. She told me I have to come down to Asaba, that she would introduce me to her (film) director, because she trusted and believed that I could do it, and perfectly too.

What was the first movie you acted in and how many movies have you done so far?

Professionally, my first movie was Deceptive Act. I have also featured in Daughters of Karashika, When Love Beckon, My Village Wife, Detective Wife, Ajuwani the Village Goddess, Marry Me, Fire of Love, and 24 Elders of the Gods.

What were some of the challenges you faced?

It’s trying to adapt to the system because where I was coming from, I didn’t know how to lick ass to get what I want. I believe in merit. So, you just have to tolerate a lot of things to get what you want, and I had to play along. At first, they thought I was a snub because it was not my thing to fall for somebody in order to get something.

Aside acting, what else do you do?

I have my Foundation, my cosmetic line (Bella Secret) and right now, I want to open my Foundation house.

Are you single or married?

I’m in a private relationship.

What is your definition of an ideal man?

This is such a sweet question I like answering. I have to say this because a lot of girls make the mistake of wanting to get married to a handsome man instead of a good father to their children. Anyway, I always get high on an intelligent man, a man with a good heart.

With the rate of extra-marital affairs among married men, would you forgive your husband if you catch him cheating?

Why would I not forgive him? Men are polygamous by nature. Forget insecure men, they know where their hearts belong. A man does not really love, as they only want to have fun. Women are the ones you should even be scared of, because they are the ones that love with their hearts.

You made news recently when you bought your Benz; it seems the industry is more profitable for actresses than actors?

The favour of God is better than labour. I never said I bought it with my money. It was a gift. People labour because they do not have favour. It was not a fan that bought it for me. I told you I am in a relationship, right? So, that is it!

You posted on your Instagram page a picture of you touching your breast in a sexy manner, was it a media stunt to get more followers?

Oh yes, it’s a media stunt. As a matter of fact, someone came to my DM to dash me money as regards that post.

Some celebrities have accused men of usually masturbating using their pictures; do you think that might be the case with your video?

With this my video, I am very sure they will masturbate with it. Before that person ‘dash’ me money it’s possible he don come self (laughs).

How do you handle randy men?

One sent me a dick three months ago. If you see the kind of dick that this man carries, eh… I didn’t even know what to do; I just had to block him.

So, how do you handle the stubborn ones that might want to have sex with you?

In one of my posts, I said that if a man is claiming to be nicer than your husband, just block him immediately so you will not be tempted, because that nice attitude is just for him to get into your pants. Some would come with business ideas; I just refer them to my manager.

Can you marry a man that is old enough to be your father?

I am not supposed to marry my age mate. Yes, I can. Love has nothing to do with age. In fact, I like older men. But like I said, I’m not looking for a relationship.

Can you be a second wife?

I will not be a second wife except the woman is no longer in the marriage.

How would you describe your fashion style?

I like it simple and classy. I dress to attract class.

Has fame denied you of anything?

No, it has not. But maybe the fact that I can no longer go to the market like I used to do before the fame….

As a result of your sexy eyes, have you had any experience or encounter with lesbians?

Yes, I have. I remember a day on set, a girl came to me and told me that she smokes and then asked if I smoke. I said ‘no’. So, she asked if I could try something out with her. I said ‘okay what is it?’ She said she would pop out smoke from her mouth and that since I don’t smoke, I should inhale the smoke and then give it back to her. I said ‘okay, cool let’s do it’. So, when she popped it (smoke) out and I took it and wanted to give it back to her, she tried to hold my head close to her, saying that she wanted to kiss me. Jesus! I was like… what? Because my (sexy) eyes are a gift from God, a lot of people are jealous; and many lesbians come to me for that. They believe from the way I look, I’m a lesbian but I am not.

Which of the movies would you say gave you stardom?

It’s My Village Wife.

How was your growing up, you sound like someone born with a silver spoon?

My dad was an accountant with Shell but now retired. My mom was a nurse, and we are just three in number. I went to Cambridge and had the best life traveling the world. It is really not about being born with a silver spoon but about exposure. A lot of people down here in the East where I’m working are exposed; but I was not really exposed before I came into the industry, so they cannot think like me. I don’t think that has to do with silver spoon; I just think their level of reasoning cannot be like mine. So, sometimes I just have to come down to their level.

Have you turned down any movie role as a result of soft porn content?

Yes, I have. I was born a Jehovah Witness and my mom is a preacher, so I have turned down many of those movie roles.

Why do you think Nollywood love movies always end up on bed?

It’s because in the Nigerian movie industry, the only way they interpret love is on bed. We don’t know how to show love except on the bed and through sex.

What project are you currently working on?

My plan for 2022 is to use my foundation to open a production house, because I realise a lot of people want to go into acting and they don’t have the means or the opportunity. So, I want to use my Foundation as a launch pad for this course, be it actors, scriptwriters, costumiers etc. This is going to serve as an opportunity for them to showcase their talents and leave the street life.


Source: Sun News

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