Dagrin Didn’t Die In Accident’ – Dagrin’s Father Narrates The Real Story of Dagrin’s Death

Oladapo Olaitan Olaonipekun popular indigenous Nigerian rapper and songwriter, who was born on October 25, 1984. He was popularly known by his stage name Dagrin.

Dagrin is the hottest and most loved indigenous rapper in Nigeria and other African countries because of his unique style of music. Even after a decade after his death, he is still entertaining and inspiring a lot of Nigerians especially upcoming artists that want to become successful as him with the same style of rap and songwriting ability.

Dagrin is very creative and changed the entire style of indigenous rapping music during his active years in the Nigerian music industry even at the active here off popular pioneer mother-tongue rappers like Lord of Ajasa, his copious Yoruba rap songs captivated the hearts of everyone as he made a niche for himself.

Dagrin is one of the most successful and famous Nigerian rappers during his active years. He became more popular after his death because there are several controversies about his cause of death and other related information among Nigerians and his fans in Nigeria and other countries of the world.

In this informative article, I will explain all the necessary information that you need to know about Dagrin, his cause of death, what his father has to say after a decade of his dismissal, and the music career of his young brother TROD.

How Dagrin Rise To Become The Most Successful and Famous Indigenous Rapper in Nigeria

Oladapo Olaitan Olaonipekun was born in Ogun State on        25 October 1984, he resided in Lagos. He started rap music from a young age before he took music professionally.

As an average Nigerian from a middle-class home, he struggle to become a successful artist for a long time but he couldn’t become successful on his own because of financial issues and lack of support until he met

Sossick worked with Dagrin to craft the classic album “C.E.O (Chief Executive Omota)” album, which propelled the rapper to the zenith of Nigerian rap music.

In an interview, Sossick shared stories of his moments with Dagrin from Lagos to the recording section and his reaction after his passing.

Together with Sossick, Sati Ramoni, and others, Dagrin was able to become a successful indigenous rapper within a short time after meeting them.

During the few years of Dagrin in the Nigerian music industry, he collaborated with several Nigerian superstars like Sossick, DJ Neptune, MI Abaga, 9ice, Reminisce, Konga, Omawunmi, TGBT, Frenzy, Oritse Femi, Ruggedman, D.J Spaclare, Kode, Sheyman, Dr. Frabz, Kenny St. Brown, and more.

Dagrin style of rap music is a combination of Yoruba, English, and Pidgin English.

In 2010 he was nominated for the Nigerian Entertainment Awards for Best Album (C.E.O.), Hottest Single “Pon Pon Pon”, Best Rap Act, and Best Collaboration with vocals.

His popular and only music album C.E.O. (Chief executive Omota English: Chief Executive Gangster) won the Hip hop World Award 2010 for best rap album.

How Dagrin Dies And The Rumors That Follow

On April 22, 2010, Dagrin died after the popular late rapper’s car ran into a stationary trailer in front of Alakara Police station, Mushin on Wednesday, April 14, 2010.

He was initially admitted at Tai Sholarin Private Hospital, Mushin, Baba Olosa bus stop before he was moved to Lagos State Teaching Hospital, LUTH.

Dagrin, aged 26, died at 6 pm on Thursday, April 22, 2010, at the Lagos State Teaching Hospital, LUTH before he was buried on Friday, April 30, 2010, at the Ebony Millennium Private Vault, Atan Cemetery.

There are several rumors among Nigerians and fans about the cause of his death. Some people who seemed concerned about his death said a lot of things about Dagrin. While some were saying completely different things, others said he caused his death by himself.

Some Nigerians said Dagrin joined a cult where he sold his soul for fame so he released the single (If I Die) after the cult began to threaten his life after he did not fulfill his sacrifice and he knows that he will die if you do not do as they say. Likewise, Nigerians also said the cause of his death was his action, that is why you release the single (If I Die) shortly before his death.


Dagrin’s Father Comrade Olaniyi Abolaji Olanipekun Recently Interview

Recently, Dagrin’s father was interviewed and explained a lot of things that Nigerians and his fans do not know about him and his cause of death.

According to Dagrin’s father, Comrade Olaniyi Abolaji Olanipekun was a musician even before the birth of Dagrin and he is still in the music business. His father said that Dagrin is gifted and he takes his time and energy to develop his talent which is why is so successful among his counterparts. He also said that he supported him when he began his musical career.

Comrade Olaniyi Abolaji Olanipekun said there are several controversies about his son Dagrin when he dies especially among his fans. He thanks God that he and his family can survive the sad situation of their son (Dagrin).

When he was asked about the single (If I Die) that Dagrin released shortly before his death, which a lot of people always used as a major point that knew he was going to die, that is why release the song.

Dagrin’s mother, Mrs. Olaonipekun was the second of Olaniyi Abolaji Olanipekun’s three wives who said the single (If I Die) was not yet completed, and his son did not release the single (If I Die)

He talked about Dagrin brother Olaonipekun Olatubosun professionally known as Trod (The Return Of Dagrin) who is one of the most popular indigenous rappers in the country at the moment. He explained that Trod (The Return Of Dagrin) is now traveling abroad to sing for his fans across the globe and he is very thankful that it is a blessing for him and his family as a whole.

Olaniyi Abolaji Olanipekun also talks about Dagrin’s sister Bukky Olaonipekun that is doing well and they are a better replacement for him and his family.

Now you know all the necessary information, facts about Dagrin’s life before fame, music career, accident, death controversy, and facts from his biological father.